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Wave Buffet Restaurant

gold coast hotel chef

Start and end the day at Waves Buffet Restaurant. 

Get eggs cooked the way you like them. Enjoy platters overflowing with tropical fruits. Mix healthy and hearty at this great buffet breakfast on the Gold Coast with an espresso from 6:30AM - 10AM DAILY. 

Get your evening seafood-fix at Waves. This buffet is fresh, abundant and delicious. Choose this Gold Coast seafood buffet for a special occasion or just go for the whole prawns and rock oysters on the shell. There are Asian, Indian and Mediterranean dishes plus some that follow the seasons. There’s also a kid-friendly dessert bar that’s deliciously decadent and fun from 5:30PM - 9PM DAILY.

Waves is for people who love buffets. 

  • Natural daylight
  • Direct dial point
  • Wi-Fi
  • Flipchart/Presentation equipment